Game: AWASEed

Game:AWASEed is the participatory performance which create dynamics between salt, sound and body movements. Photo by Jan The / Joris van Dorp Schuitman

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AWASEed Workshop (2018 May)

I facilitate workshops where participants experience this concept through body movements and linguistics, focusing on a variety of contradictions on both personal and social levels, and regarding those contradictions as potentials instead of problems. Participants perceive “contradictions” as negative, but when not consciously deliberating their actions, their bodily movements become[…]

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AWASE Workshop

Awase – Performance experience to enjoy contradiction The archetype of “play” in Japan can be traced back to “awase”, the act of “matching” – of placing dirrering object with or against each other to bring about pleasing results. In ancient times, players on opposing side would each present an object[…]

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