Game: AWASEed

Game:AWASEed is the participatory performance which create dynamics between salt, sound and body movements. Photo by Jan The / Joris van Dorp Schuitman

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Plastic Definition

Despite “space” is often regarded as “emptiness” in European concept, people can make connections between our body and space, and find oneself in this supposed emptiness. This performance is intended to be the catalyst for making a relationship between our body and space. Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (C)(AS)S[…]

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Void Unvers

Void Unvers from Peloham on Vimeo. Where is “self”? “Void Unvers” is a mixed media performance addressing this question. “Self” exists outside of our body though many people tend to think that “self” is confined to one’ s body. Preconception of “self” can be revised by communicating with “space”, which[…]

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