Void Unvers

Void Unvers from Peloham on Vimeo.

Where is “self”? “Void Unvers” is a mixed media performance addressing this question.
“Self” exists outside of our body though many people tend to think that “self” is confined to one’ s body. Preconception of “self” can be revised by communicating with “space”, which is the countering concept of “body”, and by experiencing the node of the dualistic contexts, “virtual” and “real”, through acoustic and electronic sounds.

Concept and Design : Asami Kiuchi
Production: Janne van Wezel / Charlotte de Groot (SUMMA College)
Choreography and Performance : Yui Nakagami
Sound and System : So Oishi

For I Know The Plans I Have For You

Void Unvers @ NEST from Peloham on Vimeo.